Romance in Animeland

DENVER — Anime (Japanese animation) is adapted from manga (Japanese comic books), which has grown over the years into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, originally popularized by Tokyo commuters picking up manga at newsstands to read while riding trains to and from work. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some couples enjoyed a romantic […]

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Alternatives to Mainstream Cosplay

DENVER — Cosplay is an underground pop culture dedicated to bringing the worlds of fantasy and role-play to life. Various genres of sci-fi, superheroes, anime characters and gamers join together to celebrate their common interests. Conventions such as “Comic Con” and “Zombie Crawl” have become so mainstream over the years that they’ve grown in size […]

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The Year of the Rooster

Highlands Ranch, Colo. — Dancing dragons, colorful costumes, the echo of Tanggu drums and the delicious aroma of hot noodles, pastries and dumplings filled the auditorium at the “Great Wall Chinese Academy” new year celebration 2017. To ring in the year of the Rooster, the academy presented folk dance, martial arts demonstrations, traditional music and […]

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Coffins not required

DENVER — Death is one of two constants in life, along with taxes. In America today there are no longer the rituals of past generations that celebrate life of the deceased. No week long wakes; no burial services. Today it’s all about the cremation of the deceased and celebration of life. Cremation is a widely accepted […]

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Being the best hippie possible

DENVER – Regardless of the activity – from cheering on her favorite Colorado teams to loving her family – it was Renee’s philosophy to live life to the fullest and have as much fun as possible. Nasarena “Renee” Shinn, born in California in 1955 to Viola Baca and Maurice Shinn, is best remembered as a […]

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A Loving Grandmother

BIRMINGHAM, Mich.- My Grandmother, Frances H. Toutant, 85, of Birmingham, Michigan, formerly of Royal Oak, died Feb. 27, 2008 at the Green Field Nursing Center, and is buried honorably in a military cemetery in Michigan. Grandmother was the beloved wife of the late Laurence Toutant Jr. whom she married on Feb. 25, 1952. She was a […]

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